Poodle Antics

Having had the pleasure of owning many poodles we have found some things they all seem to have in common. There are the famous stink eye looks, the eye rolls and the head tilt. Poodle are also known for the stare, that long stare where they look you in the eyes and just seem toRead More

Please keep your puppy or dog on a leash

My puppy always follows me, why keep it on a leash? Always is a pretty tall order. Always doesn’t always happen. Dogs take off running in a flash, it might be a squirrel, or a leaf blowing in the wind. Dogs run faster than people do and can dodge a speeding bullet. You know howRead More

AKC Trick Dog Titles

We try to keep our dogs physically active but also mentally stimulated. All of our dogs are working on their trick dog titles with Flynn earning his novice and intermediate titles in 2018. Tricks range from knowing basic obedience skills with hand signals (no verbal commands allowed) to jumping, weave poles and a variety ofRead More

Our UKC Champion Poodles

2017 and 2018 have been busy show years for us. We have 3 new champions in the last year. They are Flynn, Willow and Rocket. Willow was our first poodle to finish her champion title in 2017. She finished at the very young age of 7 months with wins under Judges Dan Crutchfield and DavidRead More

To People with Friendly Dogs

The best way to keep your friendly dog safe is to always ask an approaching dog or person if they may greet them. Issues other dogs may have that their owners may not want to meet you. They are afraid of other dogs They are aggressive and or reactive Their dog is not friendly TheirRead More

Your new puppy and veterinarian visits, thing to remember.

Taking a puppy to the veterinarian can be a herculean task, juggling a wiggly puppy and filling out paperwork can all lead you to forget a few basic questions you need to ask. De-Worm  – Puppies need to be de-wormed fairly often, they do not have a mature immune system capable of keeping intestinal parasitesRead More

The glamorous life of dog shows.

Conformation showing is hard work for both our poodles and our family. The dog must be in excellent condition, healthy and well muscled as an athletic poodle should be. The hair must be clean, completely brushed and trimmed to an acceptable style for AKC or UKC conformation showing. Sometimes the shows are held in largeRead More

Feeding your poodle puppy

When you take your puppy home (usually around 8-9 weeks of age) they will need to eat 3 or 4 times a day. At 8 weeks old we feed small meals 4 times a day at 7 am, 11 am, 2 pm and then at 5 pm. We allow them free access to water untilRead More

Dog shows from the poodles point of view

Yay looks like they are preparing for a  dog show, Mom and Julia are packing bags, crates and grooming supplies, hope they don’t forget our food and treats! Dad and Denise are staying home to take care of all the other dogs Mom says we won’t all fit in the car. Maybe Mom needs toRead More

Conformation – What to look for in a standard poodle.

Conformation is how a dog is put together.  Breeders breed to the breed standard to produce conformity. Beagles we expect to have long ears, Chihuahuas we expect to be tiny,  Great Danes are large dogs with upright ears. There is much more that goes into each individual dog breeds’ standard. Poodles we expect to haveRead More