The king of fun! He loves to play, any kind of play is fine with him. Want to go for a walk, how about tossing a ball or tugging on a toy, Zorro is your guy. He thinks he is a comedian, he throws back his head and laughs at you. Zorro is always up for a good belly rub or ear scratch. He is affectionate and adventurous, everything you want in a poodle.

Titles: TKN

AKC registered black and white parti standard poodle.

Weight 56 pounds

UCDavis VGL  diversity -complete

Health Testing:  vWD - Clear, NEWS - Clear, DM- Clear, PRA-PRCD - Clear, PRA 4- Clear, Penn Hip - Normal . Eye CERF - Normal, OFA Cardiac Normal.


D'Artagnan is a very loyal dog. All you need to do is sweet talk him and rub his tummy and he will worship the ground you walk on. He is an enthusiastic eater but is willing to hold out for left over spaghetti should he think some will be available. He is a low to medium energy boy who prefers people to toys. Rambling walks are more his style than running a marathon. Snuggling is his favorite pastime and he is great with giving poodle hugs.

AKC Registered black phantom standard poodle.

Height 27"   Weight  65 lbs

Health Testing:   PennHip -normal, Eye CERF Normal, vWD- Clear, NEWS -Clear , DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD - Clear, PRA 4- Clear, Day Blindness - Clear, Testing will be completed as he matures.

Photos coming soon


Retired - Heart Song Cracker Jack is a total love bug. Rub his chest and he becomes an instant puddle of poodle at your feet. He absolutely adores his family, his goal in life is to always be in the same room you are. He prefers people to other dogs and would probably love it if we tossed all of the other dogs out of the house. Jack's a true mama's boy and can almost always be found at her side, preferably at the center of her attention. He has a huge ground covering stride and loves to patrol the perimeter of our fence. Jack prefers to carry a soft toy around.

Titles: TKN

AKC Registered red abstract standard poodle.

Height 27"   Weight  70 lbs

Health Testing:  OFA Cardiac - Normal, OFA Hips -Good, Eye CERF Normal, vWD- Clear, NEWS -Clear , DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD - Clear, PRA 4- Clear, UCDavis VGL - Complete