Katie J and Fillmore


Fillmore Hoover Jimenez is pure light and joy in our lives. When he was born we fell in love with his incredible deep red coat with white marks on all the right spots- nose, tail, paws, chest. We still get comments from strangers every day about what a beautiful dog he is. Now that he's part of our family, however, our love has everything to do with his personality. His top two activities in life are fetching and weekend snuggles in bed with his houmans. There is always a lot of tail wagging going on at our house and he is the perfect companion on all our outdoor adventures. He's the kind of guy who wants to love on everyone, including every type of animal- cats, turtles, you name it! Hoover is his middle name because he's such a foodie that he eats his meals like a vacuum cleaner (we do slow the roll now with a slow feeder). We are so thankful that we got to quarantine in 2020 with our Fluffer Fillmore.

Veronica A and Kali

I have the best dog in the world! His hard life consists of walks, gym, hikes, dog park to play with his friends 4-5 times a week, fetch, naps in mom’s lap, and driving mom crazy with endless kisses lol. Last week we walked by the pool he runs and jumps in! I freak out started to jump after him in 58 degree weather then I realize he did that for fun! Ha! I’ve never had a dog who would dare go close to water although I love summers at the lake and beach. I can’t imagine my life without him! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Eta W. and Willow

Willow and I wish you a wonderful New Year. Thank you for the gift of this great dog. She is our best poodle and she is our 7th.

Courtney O and Daisy

Johnna, Hope that you are doing well. I am sure that you have new fur babies that you are taking care of...I have attached a couple of pictures of Daisy. She is 8 months now and doing so well. She is soo beautiful and still has the white bob on the end of her tail and a white spot on her chest. We took obedience classes and she passed with flying colors. She loves to practice her commands every morning when we walk. She is a sweet girl...you did a great job of pairing her with me. Take care! Courtney

Caroline R and Motley

He is super smart, opens doors, pushes my desk chair around, and helps me up when I'm seated on the floor. He gets along great with other dogs and cats. Loves to learn and do agility. Was quickly and easily crate trained. Totally potty trained by about 14 weeks. He is active but settles when told to. He and I adore each other!  Oh, the trainer who takes him on a pack walk twice a week says he has a leader's personality, and has started his own mini pack of the smaller and newer dogs.


Karen D Poppy and Ridley

Poppy has grown so much! She is so sweet and happy. She is a full head taller than Ridley. She loves her crate and bed in front of the fireplace. She absolutely loves fetch - her favorite game. I can't imagine life without her and Ridley.


Chris J and Rook

Just a quick update on Rook and I. She's doing very well and celebrated her first birthday last month. We celebrated at a private dog park with a few of the poodle puppies from the Guide Dog Foundation my girlfriend is involved with. She got to experience snow for the first time when we traveled up to Maryland for the holidays and absolutely loved being able to run through the snow in my parent's yard. Rook continues to impress me every day with her temperament and demeanor and is growing into a confident pet that I can share my life with.

Our wish is for every family to have a happy and healthy life together.