How to Purchase a Puppy

We sell our puppies on a non-breeding contract.  They are required to be spayed/neutered at an appropriate age. We do not ship puppies. Heart Song Poodles is located near Huntsville, Alabama

Purchase Process

From the time you apply for your puppy to the exciting moment you first take your puppy home, we are with you every step of the way. We welcome your questions and offer a lifetime of support as you raise your poodle puppy. You can always email us at or give Johnna a call at 256-694-4547.

Reserving a Heart Song Standard Poodle

Puppy Application

The first step to adding one of our Standard Poodle puppies to your home is to fill out a Puppy Application. Before applying, we recommend browsing through the sections of our website to better understand the Standard Poodle breed in general, our philosophy, and how a Standard Poodle might fit into your family.

Phone Interview

Once we receive your application, we will call you to discuss your preferences and our upcoming litters.  We like to get to know our puppy families so we can carefully match a puppy to their needs.  We discuss family members, household activity levels, your home and the goals you have for you new family member.

You will not be placed on the waitlist until there is an approved application.

Prices, and How to Purchase a Puppy

  1. After the phone interview,  an approved application, and a litter identified that will match your needs, you will place a holding fee.
  2. There is a $500 holding fee to reserve a puppy for your family.
  3. Holding fees are non refundable except when an appropriate puppy of your gender/color is not available. Only then will we return the holding fee. Or if you choose your holding fee may be moved to another litter.
  4. When puppies are born, we will contact you and send photos. We send photos or videos weekly with puppy information on development, feeding, grooming, care, vaccinations, and supplies you need to purchase.
  5. The balance is due when puppies are picked up. Puppies are $2,500.

Holding fees are now required because this helps us to plan the number of litters we need to have each year.

Occasionally bonus babies will be born and those pups are placed on the website when available. You can visit and decide if one of these pups is a good match for you. We are a small breeding program and carefully plan our puppies to ensure they go to good homes.

Once the Puppies are Born

Once the puppies are born, the fun begins! We send photos and videos to our puppy parents-to-be so they can watch the development of the puppies. Our puppies are loved, cared for, and raised as part of our family from birth until they head off to their new homes. Prior to leaving our home, each puppy will be vet checked, given their first vaccinations, microchipped, and administered de-wormer. A puppy packet will be sent home with each puppy that includes the puppy's health record from our vet and other important information. We also offer a health guarantee on all puppies.

Matching Puppies With Families

Standard poodles in general are an active, intelligent breed. Most of our puppies do well in a variety of situations. However, there are certain puppies that are likely to fit better with your family, home, and lifestyle - you wouldn't want a whirlwind agility puppy if you're looking for a quieter companion. Additionally, some puppies may require special homing considerations. A quiet puppy is unlikely to be happy in a family with boisterous children.

Matching puppies with families is an integral part of our process. Our puppy matching process is one thing that sets us apart. Many breeders allow families to select their puppy in order of deposit. We hope to better serve each family and puppy by selecting based on "best fit." There are usually multiple puppies in a litter that will fit your needs from which you can choose.

We are proud of the work we've done to match puppies with their forever families. While it does take a lot of trust from our families, we believe that playing matchmaker benefits the puppy and their new family and will help our puppies find lifelong homes.

Puppies are chosen at 7 weeks of age after they have had a healthy veterinarian check.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our puppies to any person, at any time, for any reason. Holding Fees are refunded only if we refuse to sell you a puppy or a puppy of your preferred gender/color is not born.

Visiting Your Puppy

We allow visitors on a limited basis. Due to Covid -19 we only have one family visit at a time and we visit outside.   We are happy to provide references. We know that families are excited to meet their puppy and are happy to have visitors when it is safe for our puppies. Due to the risk of disease transmission, we do not allow visitors until puppies are weaned and have had their first shot. Visiting is by appointment only. On the day of your visit, we ask that you come in freshly laundered clothes in order to reduce the chance of disease transmission. The day you visit your puppy, we request that you do not visit any other kennels, pet stores, breeders, veterinarians, or other places where there may be unvaccinated dogs.

While visiting the puppies, we will ask that children should sit on the ground when holding and playing with the puppies.

Picking up your Puppy

All puppies must be paid for before leaving Heart Song Standard Poodles. Buyers are responsible for picking up their puppy when they are 8-9 weeks old. If our schedule allows, we may be able to meet you within a reasonable distance. Driving times are:

  • 1.5 hours to Nashville, TN,
  • 2 hours to Birmingham, AL
  • 2 hours to Chattanooga, TN
  • 3.5 hours to Atlanta, GA

AKC Registration

Puppies are sold on American Kennel Club (AKC) limited registration. Limited AKC registration allows you to compete in all AKC events except conformation. AKC limited registration does not allow you to breed and register the offspring. You are responsible for spaying or neutering the puppy at an appropriate age. Papers will be provided once proof of spay/neuter is sent to Heart Song Standard Poodles. On occasion puppies may be sold to show and performance homes with an option to breed once all health testing is complete.   Puppies come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee. WE DO NOT SELL TO DOODLE BREEDERS OR ANYONE WHO WISHES TO BREED MIXED BREED DOGS. We strongly support local rescues if you would like a mixed breed dog.

Health Policy and Warranty

Puppies go home after an examination from our veterinarian and with age-appropriate vaccinations and de-worming. Your puppy will need several more vaccinations spaced 3 weeks apart. Older puppies will have been started on heartworm prevention. You must take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving the puppy to have the puppy examined. If you fail to take your puppy for an exam within this time frame, the health warranty is null and void. We do not dock tails or remove dewclaws. Please read these articles to understand our philosophy on tail docking and dewclaw removal: TailsDew Claws.

Should the need arise to re-home your Standard Poodle.....

We understand that on rare occasions families need to re-home a poodle.  It is our intention that no Heart Song Standard Poodle will ever be placed in a shelter.  Our contract states that if you ever need to re-home your poodle you will contact us first and we will assist in the placement of your poodle.