Why do we raise standard poodles?


Quite simply because dogs enrich our lives in many ways.  There is nothing else that gives us the unconditional love and companionship that a dog does. Poodles have the added bonus of being intuitive, intelligent and low shedding. We believe standard poodles are one of the best emotional support dogs whether they are trained for that job or just a wonderful member of the family. Our goal is to breed  friendly, temperamentally stable standard poodles.

My first standard poodle was Bonnie. I begged and begged my parents for a dog. I poured through dog breed books, read as much as a 10 year old could about dogs and begged some more. With 5 children in the family you would think that would be enough companionship, but yet I wanted a dog. Finally we added Bonnie a black standard poodle to the family. My Father, a veterinarian had met several in his practice and admired their intelligence and calm demeanor. My Mother had asthma and it was decided a poodle was the best low allergy dog for our family.  Bonnie was our faithful companion, we explored the trails in the woods behind our house, she played in the creek with us, sat with us when we watched t.v. or chased the ball when we played tennis or softball. Bonnie was always there.

That is what I want to give to other families. A standard poodle to be their faithful companion, someone who is always by your side, someone who loves you unconditionally. 

What are our poodles like?

Our standard poodles are family.  They live in our home, attend a variety of training classes, love to travel and explore the world with their family, and bring joy to us everyday! Some poodles love to play in the water and some love to dig holes and become swamp puppies in the mud! Our higher energy dogs love agility, obedience, fetch, and other athletic activities. A few of our dogs are couch potatoes and prefer to spend the day on the sofa or relaxing in the shade of the trees. We strive to breed healthy, solid temperament, friendly dogs. 

Poodles are very intelligent. With that intelligence comes a great deal of personality. No two poodles act quite alike or behave exactly the same, which is part of the fun. Every litter will have a range of personalities, from the more active puppy who wants to take on the world to the more laid back poodle happy to just hang out.

We have a variety of sizes from the smaller standard poodle to the larger ones. Our red standard poodles tend to be on the larger size, while our solid, parti and phantom poodles tend to be more of an average sized standard poodle.

All of our poodles are smart, love people, and enjoy a good belly rub.

Mom and Bonnie our first standard poodle. 1972

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