To People with Friendly Dogs

The best way to keep your friendly dog safe is to always ask an approaching dog or person if they may greet them.

Issues other dogs may have that their owners may not want to meet you.

  1. They are afraid of other dogs
  2. They are aggressive and or reactive
  3. Their dog is not friendly
  4. Their dog is contagious
  5. Their dog is recovering from an injury, surgery or illness
  6.  Their dog is in training
  7. Their dog has a high prey drive

Issues people may have with dogs.

  1. They are fearful of dogs
  2. They don’t like dogs (Yeah we know it’s crazy but it happens)
  3. They are in a hurry
  4. They do not wished to be jumped on or have their clothes dirtied

Saying it’s okay my dog is friendly doesn’t help in many situations.  Ask permission to approach a person or another dog and respect their wishes. Teach your dog the leave it command and to walk by another dog or person without barking, pulling or charging to greet them. Take treats with you on a walk to redirect their attention when necessary. Teach your dog to sit when greeting a friendly stranger. Don’t use a retractable lead when walking your dog, this gives them too much freedom and leaves you with very little control. Retractable leads often teach a dog to pull as they are rewarded by going further away by pulling on the lead.  Never let your off dog leash go up to a dog on a leash.

Remember that when dogs greet each other (even the friendliest of dogs) things may go wrong. Watch them carefully, if the hair is standing up on a dogs back or there is a curling of a lip a snarl or a growl walk away, no need to have it escalate into a full blown fight.  Don’t assume it’s the other dogs fault just because your dog is friendly. A simple, I’m sorry that didn’t go well and walking away is all it takes to deescalate a situation. Dogs are animals, we may miss the early signals of being stressed or unhappy it’s better to walk away on the best terms possible.

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