My puppy always follows me, why keep it on a leash? Always is a pretty tall order. Always doesn’t always happen.

Dogs take off running in a flash, it might be a squirrel, or a leaf blowing in the wind. Dogs run faster than people do and can dodge a speeding bullet. You know how that happens every time you want to bathe your dog or ask them to do something that’s not of their choosing.

Anytime your dog has the possibility of getting near a car or road keep it on a leash. In a flash of a second your poodle could be badly injured or even killed. Even the short few seconds from your house to your car without a leash is a potential accident.

Anytime your dog has the possibility of meeting other dogs keep it on a leash. Not all dogs appreciate another dog walking up to greet it. Your dog may be friendly but the other dog may be frightened or aggressive and attack your dog. Without a leash on your dog it is much harder to prevent something bad from happening.

Anytime you go for a walk.

Anytime you take them in a store.

Anytime you take them to the veterinarian.

If your dog goes to work with you and you don’t have the opportunity to close it in your office or gate it in your cubicle keep it on the leash. Clients and patrons of your business may accidentally let your dog out the door as they enter.

A few seconds is all it takes for a disaster to happen.


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