Poodle Antics

Having had the pleasure of owning many poodles we have found some things they all seem to have in common. There are the famous stink eye looks, the eye rolls and the head tilt. Poodle are also known for the stare, that long stare where they look you in the eyes and just seem to say “why don’t you get it”. Eventually you become tuned to your poodles looks, you know when they want to go out, or they want you to retrieve their toy from under the sofa or bed or when it’s dinner time.

Poodles have an internal clock that tells them exactly what time it is, time to eat, time to walk, time to play and time to go to bed. Please don’t even mess with daylight savings time, you don’t get that extra hour to sleep because a poodle always knows the “real” time.

Most poodles like to use their front feet to bat at toys, tap on you and use them to express all kinds of emotions. Our standard poodles can open doors, ride skateboards, solve puzzles and do countless other tricks.

Having multiple poodles gives you multiple fun. Add a second poodle or even more and they work together. Two or more can come up with even more fun, more games and more opportunities for entertainment.

This is a famous poodle head tilt.

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