AKC Trick Dog Titles

We try to keep our dogs physically active but also mentally stimulated. All of our dogs are working on their trick dog titles with Flynn earning his novice and intermediate titles in 2018. Tricks range from knowing basic obedience skills with hand signals (no verbal commands allowed) to jumping, weave poles and a variety of other behaviors. Each level requires 10 new tricks to be learned, the hard part is getting them to show off for the tester.

Flynn loves to use his front feet for just about everything. He waves, open and closes doors, rides a skateboard, manipulates dog puzzles, pushes buttons on toys to make sounds and even plays a child size piano. He is an incredibly quick learner who loves to try just about anything. Every dog is different in their learning styles, rate of learning and how they respond to training.

2019 Update: We are very pleased that all of our dogs now have the novice trick dog title.  Even little Zorro earned his at the age of 6 months.

One of the best things you can do for your dog is teach them basic obedience commands. It teaches them self control, to look for you for direction, and makes them a much better companion.

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