Miniature, Moyen and Klein Poodles

**** We are planning for a litter of miniatures to be born in October or November.


  • Miniatures - Adult height: 13 - 15 inches at the shoulder.   Miniatures  - Adult weight: 13 - 20 pounds Miniatures are $2000
  • Moyens - Adult height: 15-21 inches at the shoulder. Moyens - Adult weight 21-40 pounds., Moyens are $2500
  •  Available to approved homes. Puppies are matched to you based on your preference for gender, color, and temperament.
  •  Please give us a call if you have any questions.
  •  Puppy applications are required; please fill it out if you are interested in purchasing a puppy or being placed on our wait list.



Cody is a very gregarious little man. He has never met a stranger and will wiggle his way into your heart. Cody loves toys and prefers soft stuffies over balls. He is known to hide his favorite toys from other dogs. Cody is a sable and can produce a wide variety of colors including sable, parti, and phantom in black, apricot, and cream.

Cody is clear of genetic disease and has received good PennHip scores and an eye certification.

AKC registered       Height            Weight - 20 pounds


Kiwi is our confident black abstract girl. She is from miniature show lines in the US and imported German Klien lines. Kiwi is playful, snuggly, and clever as can be. She loves training and is a quick learner. Chasing her friends through the yard and watching TV with her mama are some of her favorite hobbies. Conformationally beautiful with a luxurious, dense coat Kiwi is a showstopper.

AKC registered  Height   Weight

Moyen, Klein, Miniature and Standard Poodles

My thoughts on terminology:  Toy, moyen, klein, miniature, and standard poodles; what does it all mean? Why does the poodle have so many different names? There are distinct names for poodle colors and also poodle sizes. Depending on what country you may have lived in you may have heard them called by many different names. Moyen or Klein poodles are a size description used more commonly in Europe. In Europe they are considered to be a distinct fourth size. They stand about 17-20 inches tall at the shoulder and on average weigh 20-35 pounds. In the US we only classify three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. We register 16-20 inch poodles as standards or oversized miniatures depending on their pedigree.

Poodle terminology continues to change.  As travel becomes easier,  people move and explore the world around them. Dogs are shown in multiple countries and may originate from different registries.  We learn new words and incorporate them into our everyday lives.

  • Three sizes of poodles are recognized by the AKC , the Royal Kennel Club (RKC) of the United Kingdom, the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), United Kennel Club (UKC),  and other major clubs.
  • The FCI—which is the kennel club of the majority of Europe and has relations with clubs throughout the rest of the world—recognizes four sizes of the Poodle breed.

Now for another term, I  hear poodles described as "medium" sized.

Poodles have been brightening lives with their loving nature, remarkable work ethic, versatile size, and playful attitudes. Most poodles love to work, having a good attention span, high intelligence, and a desire to please their person. They are highly trainable and make great companion to both people and other animals.

All poodles require regular grooming, exercise and mental stimulation.

Our breeding goal: To breed a poodle that grows between 14-19 inches at the shoulder who is an excellent companion. We find they take less time to groom and are allowed in more apartments, hotels, and condos due to their smaller size. These poodles have all of the benefits of a smaller dog, eat less, and need less room to exercise.  They are a dog that is large enough to jump into a car and small enough to be an easy travel companion.


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