Yay looks like they are preparing for a  dog show, Mom and Julia are packing bags, crates and grooming supplies, hope they don’t forget our food and treats! Dad and Denise are staying home to take care of all the other dogs Mom says we won’t all fit in the car. Maybe Mom needs to buy a bigger car or a moving house,  I see them at the shows something about an RV. Eagerly we jump in the car and then it’s nap time in the car, have to save up all my energy for the hotel room.  Sometimes we nap for 4 hours sometimes much longer. When do we get a break, we need to stretch our legs?

It’s dark out and we are finally out of the car, I’m too excited to potty need to smell everything. Hurry up Julia, you sure are unloading a bunch of stuff we want our dinner. Why are Mom and Julia setting up our crates in the hotel room? Why can’t we bounce on the beds. They want to go to bed but we aren’t tired, it’s poodle wrestling time. What an atrocity they want us to go in our crates and go to bed!

The next morning it’s time to head to the show venue, this is so exciting did you see the huge corso and the tiny chihuahua, and all the interesting the smells,  we have to smell everything.

Brush, brush , brush didn’t we get a bath and fresh haircut at home.  Go around the mud puddle she says, walk on the sidewalk she says so many rules, stay clean she says. I’m a dog, I need to roll in something smelly.

Boring, so bored what are we waiting for.

Show time I’m going to fly around the ring and be silly.  Stack she says, you mean be still. I’m not so good at being still, going to keep wagging my tail.  Hurry up, be still, I wish she would make up her mind. Then comes the tall guy in a suit that wants to examine  you or the lady in the flowing dress that looks at your teeth. Sometimes they are really nice and talk to you. If  I wag my tail and turn up the charm maybe I’ll win today. Time to run around the ring again with a bunch of poodles this is fun.

The judge is handing out ribbons, I got one!

I don’t know why we do this but I love it! Traveling, new dogs and people and Mom and Julia love those silly ribbons.

Why are we going in circles, didn’t we just pass some balls?

I’m holding Mom up, looks like she’s about to collapse.

This is Grandma still coming to the shows at 88 years young.

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