Willow having fun her first weekend of showing.

Heart Songs Riot of Color showed as a six month old puppy in the multi-colored poodle class. Willow as we call her is an enthusiastic, friendly girl who has never met a stranger.

UKC divides the showing of solid colored standard poodles and the multi-colored standard poodles into two different colors. The solid first compete against each other, the multi-colored poodles compete against each other and then the best of each competes in the Gun Dog Group.

The Gun Dog Group includes many breeds all of which in the past or present are used as gun dogs, for hunting and or retrieving.

UKC Multi-colored standard poodles include abstracts, parti, brindle, sable, phantom and all other standard poodles that are not a solid color.

Willow is a brindle, tuxedo parti standard poodle. She is changing colors as she clears. You can see photos of Willows color change here.

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