Heart Song Cracker Jack is a total love bug. Rub his chest and he becomes an instant puddle of poodle at your feet. He absolutely adores his family, his goal in life is to always be in the same room you are. He prefers people to other dogs and would probably love it if we tossed all of the other dogs out of the house. Jack's a true mama's boy and can almost always be found at her side, preferably at the center of her attention. He has a huge ground covering stride and loves to patrol the perimeter of our fence. Jack almost always carries a soft toy around and enjoys going to obedience classes. Jack is currently being shown and is expected to earn his championship this year.

Titles: TKN

AKC Registered red abstract standard poodle.

Height 27"   Weight  70 lbs

Health Testing:  OFA Cardiac - Normal, OFA Hips -Good, Eye CERF Normal, vWD- Clear, NEWS -Clear , DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD, PRCD - Clear, UCDavis VGL


We are hoping for great things from this little guy. Watch him grow up. We will be posting more information.

Titles: TKN also Baby, fluff ball.

AKC registered black and white parti standard poodle.

Height  ?  Weight 55 pounds

UCDavis VGL  diversity -complete

Health Testing:  vWD - Clear, NEWS - Clear, DM- Clear, PRA-PRCD - Clear, PennHIp - Normal and eye CERF - he is too young they will be done at the appropriate age.


Tony is a sweet puppy. Eliza Jane is his Mother and his Father is UCH Finnick Odair. Tony is a black brindle tuxedo parti, that's a mouthful. He is a tuxedo marked parti with brindle stripes on the dark area of his pattern. Tony is laid back and goes with the flow. He loves people and car rides and training. He is a quick learner. Photos of Tony start with him at 16 weeks, more are being added as he grows. You can watch his stripes develop on his body, legs and face.

RETIRED - Rocket

Champion Heart Song Rocket to the Stars is a beautiful creme and black phantom standard poodle. He has a look at me attitude. You know the little kid that walks into the room and announces "here I am," that's Rocket's attitude. He's a fun loving guy whose wagging tail never stops. Rocket is extremely easy going. Bring him anywhere and he'll adjust quickly, taking a moment to observe everything before he's ready to face any challenge.  Rocket is the smallest of our boys but has a big personality. He loves to be groomed and pampered; every time he walks by the grooming table he hops up. He's very athletic and adaptable. Rocket gets along with everyone and is very sociable.

Titles: TKN

Titles UKC Champion

Height  24"  Weight  55 lbs

AKC and UKC Registered black and creme phantom standard poodle.

Health Testing: OFA Cardiac - Normal, OFA Hips - OFA Eyes-Normal, Good, vWD- Clear, NEWS -Clear, DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD, PRCD - Clear


Champion Heart Songs Pirates Life For Me Flynn is full of fun!  One of the smartest standard poodles I have ever known. He loves to be with people, watches everything you do and copies you. Flynn can open doors and gates, loves to ride in the car, and has never met a stranger. He's even been known to let himself out of his own crate. Thankfully he doesn't let anyone else out for poodle parties when we aren't home.  He is such a character and is always one step ahead of us. Flynn loves water and enjoys laying in his kiddie pool on hot days.

Titles UKC Champion, TDN, TDI

AKC and UKC registered black and white tuxedo standard poodle.

Height 25"   Weight 62 lbs

Health Testing: OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA Elbows Normal, Hips Normal, Eye CERF Normal,  vWD- Clear, NEWS -Clear, DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD, PRCD - Clear

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