These are our current and upcoming standard poodle Mothers. Health testing is completed at age appropriate times and when we are planning a litter.


Charlotte is our apricot standard poodle who is as sweet as peach pie. She's a big girl and our tallest female. Charlotte is our calmest poodle who is very content hanging around the house and going for walks. She is never demanding and often is found sleeping at my feet when I work at the computer. This gorgeous girl is very dignified and prefers to walk around rain puddles, lounge on the softest beds and bask in the sunlight.

Height  26"   Weight 55 pounds

AKC Registered

Health Testing: OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA Elbows Normal, PennHip Normal, Eye CERF - Normal, vWD- Clear, NEWS -Clear, DM - Carrier, PRA-PRCD, PRCD - Clear


Champion Heart Song Riot of Color is an unusually colored girl who earned her championship before she was seven months old. Willow as she is known is a brindle tuxedo parti standard poodle. Willow is one of the most self confident poodles we have. Willow is very attentive and is always ready to follow your lead. She is eager to learn new things, go places or just take a ride in the car. She loves to play fetch and has a natural retriever instinct. An extremely intelligent poodle who loves to observe you, I would love to know what she's thinking sometimes.

Height 25"   Weight 56 pounds

AKC and UKC registered.

Health Testing:  Hips- Normal, vWD- Clear, NEWS -Clear, DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD, PRCD - Clear, Eye CERF- Normal


Indy is our solid black standard poodle.  Her Father is an inky black and her Mother is an apricot. Indy is an extremely out going poodle. You can take her anywhere and she feels right at home. Walking, hiking, agility she is ready for anything and everything. She's always eager to make new friends. Indy has a high play drive, loves training and is always willing to please.  She loves toys and can always be found with several in her mouth, because one is never enough.

Height  23  Weight 43 lbs

AKC Registered

Health Testing: OFA Cardiac - pending, Hip - OFA- Good, vWD- Clear, NEWS -Clear, DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD, PRCD - Clear, Eye CERF- Normal

Eliza Jane

Eliza is just a good all around poodle. She is never any trouble, and is never far away. This is the kind of dog that fits in just about any family. She gets along with everyone and is always extremely polite. Eliza is a black and white tuxedo poodle with white markings on her face, head, and tail.  Eliza has a medium energy level. Two of her favorite things to do are; run laps around the other dogs and sit by her people.

Height 24"   Weight 52 pounds

AKC Registered

Health Testing: OFA Cardiac - Normal, Eye CERF- Normal, Hips - Normal, vWD- Clear, NEWS - Clear, DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD, PRCD - Clear


Brooklyn is a creme and black phantom standard poodle and she is so smart! Brooklyn is easy to train, and was focused at a very young age. At nine weeks she learned sit, down, touch, and stand all in one day. She's absolutely fearless and loves jumping on everything: chairs, sofas, tables, even a box is fun for her. Brooklyn is very people oriented and loves to lay in your lap for a good belly rub. Brooklyn is a puppy and it will be sometime before she is ready to be a Mother.

Height - Puppy    Weight - 36 lbs.   We expect her to mature at under 45 lbs.

AKC Registered

Health Testing: vWD- Clear, NEWS - Clear, DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD, PRCD - Clear, OFA Cardiac - too young, Hips - too young,

Mackenzine Rose

Heart Song Mackenzie Rose is a lovely red poodle puppy. We look forward to watching her grow up. Mackenzie is a talker and likes to tell us what to do. She is always at your side, and I mean right at your side. She has walked in a natural heal position ever since she was 8 weeks old. Maybe she gets it from her Mother who is a therapy dog. She's extremely sweet and loves to wrestle with Brooklyn. Our dogs health testing is completed at the appropriate age.

Height - Puppy   Weight - 38 lbs We expect her to mature to under 45 pounds.

AKC Registered

Health Testing:  vWD- Clear, NEWS -Clear, DM - Clear, PRA-PRCD, PRCD - Clear, OFA Cardiac - too young, Hips - too young,

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